KBS Used All Over Car

Chevy Orange Motor Coater on Engine.
XTC Cast Iron Grey on Headers
XTC Stainless Steel on Exhaust
RustSeal Gloss Black on Underside
RustSeal Galv Steel on Drive Shaft
RustSeal & BlackTop on Firewall, A-Arms & Frame under Engine

Clear Coated Fiber Dash Pad

“Hand made Real Carbon Fiber dash pad for my 1973 Plymouth Duster made from the frame up and cleared with 4 coats of DiamondFinish Clear!” -Mario M

DiamondFinish Clear –> https://www.kbs-coatings.com/DiamondFinish-Clear.html

KBS MAXX Clear on Rangehood

I am so confident with my final product as I have a year of using KBS Maxx satin clear under my belt. My clients are ecstatic about the results and so am I. Thank you KBS for offering such an incredible product. -Dan M.

KBS MAXX Clear –> https://www.kbs-coatings.com/KBS-Maxx-Clear.html

Bare Frame Restoration

Grab the Frame Coater Kit or Large Frame Coater Kit today!

Clear Coated El Camino Wheels

“I purchased the diamond clear to use on my wheels on a 77 El Camino. The wheels were chemically stripped and the outer wheel was sanded and polished to an almost mirror shine (as good as my patience would allow), the center of the wheels were base coat and clear coat with standard two stage paint system. I reduced the diamond clear the full 30% for spraying. The clear was wet sanded after 2 days with 2000 grit and then compounded with a wool disc at 1500 rpm. In the end the wheels turned out very good!” -Tim G

DiamondFinish Clear

BlackTop Chassis Paint

BlackTop is a permanent, moisture-cured, UV stable coating primarily used for topcoating surfaces previously sealed with RustSeal or any other paint/primer application. BlackTop is a high performance protective coating specifically formulated to withstand dulling and fading caused by prolonged sunlight exposure.

Motor Coater on 69 Camaro Engine

“Redid the engine compartment, (without removing the engine) on my 1969 Camaro using Motor Coater. The gloss is amazing! It has never looked better in the 25 years I’ve owned it. -Mike D

Engine Coater with Motor Coater Engine Paint

“I sprayed 3 coats of KBS Gloss Black Motor Coater allowing each coat to fully cure and scuffing with a red scotch brite pad between coats to get a fairly smooth surface. Finally, I sprayed 3 coats of KBS Diamond Clear. I’m super happy with the results!” -Jamie P

XTC Jet Black Before and After Pictures

“Restoring a 1929 Chevrolet 4 Door International with a first Generation 194 cu 6 Cylinder Engine. I blasted the Exhaust manifold, then cleaned and prepped it to remove any debris and oil. primed following instructions, 2 coats. Then top coated with the XTC 2 Coats, then Cured it per instructions. It came out better then expected. I am really happy!” -Jerry A.

XTC: https://www.kbs-coatings.com/XTC.html

XTC Primer: https://www.kbs-coatings.com/XTC-Primer.html