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1980 Chevy K10 Restoration

“Frame up Restoration of a 1980 Chevy K10. Coated the springs, differentials and other assorted parts that will be out of sight. Coated with RustSeal after sandblasting. As advertised these products appear to be the easiest and most durable to use.” – Michael P.

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Murder Nova Features KBS MAXX and KBS BlackTop

Street Outlaws star Shawn Ellington unveiled the long-anticipated, new Murder Nova on Thursday December 9, 2016 at the Performance and Racing Industry Trade Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Murder Nova features a roll cage coated with KBS BlackTop and a body coated with KBS MAXX Hot Rod Black!


Came Out Flawless – XTC on Exhaust Piping

“I fabbed exhaust piping with mild steel piping. Mig welded and cleaned and prepped. Used XTC primer and tried aluminum spray. I used the XTC Jet Black high temp on rest of exhaust parts over the primer and it came out flawless. Super smooth and clean finish.” -Joe from Hawaii

High Temperature Paints from KBS Coatings

Engine Paint: 100% Show Quality Gloss and Coverage

“Used the Motor Coater black on my engine that will eventually go in my show truck! 100% show quality gloss and coverage! Looks awesome!” -Will from Lawton, OK

Motor Coater Engine Paint

Clear Coat for Fishing Lures – Top Quality

“This clear-coat adds luster and value to our fishing lures. Our customers really appreciate the quality.”
-RSR Lures

DiamondFinish Clear

DiamondFinish Clear Fishing Lures - Clear Coat

We Love Customer Photos – Smokers

Customer Photos - Smoker

XTC is a high temperature/heat resistant coating formulated specifically to protect metal surfaces operating at temperatures from 500° F to 1500° F. With proper preparation, XTC provides outstanding adhesion, film integrity, weathering, and thermal shock-resistance throughout this entire temperature range, and is guaranteed not to burn off! Available in 10 great colors.

RustSeal is a superior one part, ready-to-use, high-solids content, rust preventive coating, that is actually hardened by exposure to moisture. It is impervious to road salts and most every chemical. RustSeal flows out to a beautiful, rock-hard, tough ceramic-like coating that is tough to chip or scratch, and will not crack or peel.