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Gonzo Talks about Tank Sealer Kits

“I own a 71 Moto Guzzi that I’ve been painstakingly rebuilding. Well, I sent the gas tank out to be pressure tested and sealed prior to doing anything on the bike. I got it back and you could see the coating. Well, after several years and getting the bike painted we got her back together and on our maiden voyage we discovered a leak in the tank. Well what can i do? It’s been several years sense I had it painted. Well a friend told me of your product. I purchased it and after following the directions to the “t” I can’t be any happier. I would and do recommend this product to anybody that has a leak!”

“Your truly a very happy gonzo!”

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Mike Talks about KBS Frame Coater Kit

others - Stop Rust

others - Stop Rust

others - Stop Rust

"Frame Coater Kit was just the right amount for two coats top and bottom of tub on a 1965 Toyota Land Cruiser restoration. Great product; easy to use and self leveling characteristic makes it look like I knew what I was doing!"- Mike J.

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