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Motor Coater on 69 Camaro Engine

“Redid the engine compartment, (without removing the engine) on my 1969 Camaro using Motor Coater. The gloss is amazing! It has never looked better in the 25 years I’ve owned it. -Mike D

Engine Coater with Motor Coater Engine Paint

“I sprayed 3 coats of KBS Gloss Black Motor Coater allowing each coat to fully cure and scuffing with a red scotch brite pad between coats to get a fairly smooth surface. Finally, I sprayed 3 coats of KBS Diamond Clear. I’m super happy with the results!” -Jamie P

68 C-10 Engine

“Before & After pics of my LT1/4L60E for my ’68 C-10 project. All coatings are Motor Coater. Block is Velvet Black, the rest are Gloss Black, and Aluminum that has been Diamond Clear-coated. Diamond Clear on raw polished aluminum and steel parts as well. Motor Coater and Diamond Clear are my “go to” coatings for the things I want to have a nice finish on. Awesome stuff!” -Chad M.

Motor Coater | DiamondFinish Clear

1977 AMC Matador Engine

“We were rebuilding the 360 V8 to put into a 1977 AMC Matador station wagon. Using the correct AMC blue paint was important, and KBS had the hard to find AMC blue paint that was used in the 70s only.” -Brian B.

Be sure to check out Motor Coater.

Engine Paint: 100% Show Quality Gloss and Coverage

“Used the Motor Coater black on my engine that will eventually go in my show truck! 100% show quality gloss and coverage! Looks awesome!” -Will from Lawton, OK

Motor Coater Engine Paint

Valve Covers on 72 Javelin’s Engine – Motor Coater

“I Recently did the valve covers on my 72 Javelin’s engine in prep for doing the whole thing and it turned out wonderfully.” -Cody from Woodstock, MD

Click for Motor Coater.  Click for Motor Coater Kit.

Motor Coater - Engine Paint

Engine Paint Color is Fantastic

“The Motor Coater color is fantastic. Clean up the engine and paint with Motor Coater and you will get amazing results.” -Dan F.

Motor Coater Engine Paint

Hemi Orange Engine Paint – On Valve Cover

“Painted Hemi Orange Motor Coater on a valve cover and I was blown away by outcome. Paint absolutely pops! It’s had oil on it and been through a busted radiator that got coolant everywhere. and just a quick wipe later and looks spotless.”
-Gilbert from San Antonio, TX

Motor COater Hemi Orange

XTC and Motor Coater on Pontiac Tempest

“Just wanted to let you know I love your products. I have attached a photo of the engine in my custom ’64 Pontiac Tempest Wagon. I used Motor Coater and XTC. It turned out great!”
-Dave Sproul from Mahomet, IL

Demo Pics - XTC and Motor Coater


New Engine Paint Colors – KBS Motor Coater

KBS Coatings Introduces NEW Motor Coater Colors!

Motor Coater Engine Enamel

Motor Coater - Engine Enamel

*New* Motor Coater Colors

  • Chevy Blue
  • Pontiac Light Blue
  • Buick Green Late
  • Buick Red Late
  • MG Green
  • Buick Turquoise
  • Chrysler Turquoise
  • Austin Healey Moss Green Metallic
  • MG Maroon
  • Chevy Grey
  • Chevy Dark Charcoal

Motor Coater Features

  • Fast-drying
  • High Performance
  • Extremely High Gloss
  • High Quality Acrylic Enamel
  • Brush Marks Flow Out
  • Withstands Temperatures up to 450°F
  • Matches OEM Standards
  • Will Not Blister, Flake, Crack or Peel
  • Oil, Transmission Fluid and Gas Resistant
  • Great for Brake Calipers Too!
  • A Pint is Usually Enough to do an Entire Engine

Motor Coater in 29 Colors













Chevy Orange Gloss Black Aluminum Ford Corporate
T-Bird Red Pontiac Metallic Blue













White Street
Hemi Orange
Fire Red Ford Dark
Daytona Yellow Velvet Black













Ford Green Chrysler Blue Cadillac
Dark Blue
Hemi Orange
Olds Gold Olds Bronze













Chevy Blue Pontiac
Light Blue
Buick Green
Buick Red
MG Green Buick Turquoise













Austin Healey Moss
Green Metallic
MG Maroon Chevy Grey Chevy
Dark Charcoal

Chevy Orange: 55′, 57′-75′ V-8"s
T-Bird Red: OEM engine color, not body color.
Ford Corporate Blue: 67′-on with 302 Engine
Pontiac Metallic Blue: 66′-72′
Street Hemi Orange: 66′-71′ 426 Street Hemis, 70′-71′ 383 & 440 Hi-Performance, 70′-71′ 340
Race Hemi Orange: 62′-64′ 413 & 426 Max Wedge, 64′-65′ 426 Race Hemis
Ford Dark Blue: 41′-48′
Chrysler Blue: 73′-83′
Olds Gold: 64′-67′ 330 CI & 68′-76′ 350 CI
Olds Bronze: 65′-69′ 400 CI
Cadillac Dark Blue: 49′-76′
Chevy Blue: 54′-62′ 6 Cylinder & 53′ Auto
Pontiac Light Blue: 59′-65′
Buick Green Late: 53′-65′
Buick Red Late: 66′-71′
MG Green: 45′-48′ TC Engine & Firewall
Buick Turquoise: All 42′-52′ & some 53′ Spec
Chrysler Turquoise: All 383-440 Big Block / 62′-71′

*Colors will vary based on your monitor settings.