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Gas Tank Coated Inside and Out

“Finished my fuel tank this past weekend and all went well. I had first started with cleaning the tank and welding a few holes up in my 44 gallon aluminum tank. I do have to say that this all took a matter of weeks to complete because of proper drying and work schedule. The process was very straight forward. I couldn’t believe how well the Gold Standard coated the inside of the tank with multiple baffles in the tank. I then painted the exterior with gloss black. This being in the hull of my boat never to be seen by sun again but it sure looks good. Thanks for such a great product!” -Glenn B.

RustSeal  Tank Sealer

Wish I had found this 44 years ago! – Gas Tank Sealer

“I have been working on motorcycles since 1970 and have tried every thing out there. Wish I had found this 44 years ago! Application is easy and the finished product is like nothing else out there. It is like a new coat of steel on the inside of tank. Follow the safety precautions and mask your finished paint well.” -Knucklehead from Spokane, WA


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Tank Sealer is Awesome Product

“I used your tank sealer on my fuel tank, and let tell you that you guys have an awesome product! The whole process was very easy to use. The directions were clear and simple to follow.” – Darin S.

Awesome Tank Sealer

Gonzo Talks about Tank Sealer Kits

“I own a 71 Moto Guzzi that I’ve been painstakingly rebuilding. Well, I sent the gas tank out to be pressure tested and sealed prior to doing anything on the bike. I got it back and you could see the coating. Well, after several years and getting the bike painted we got her back together and on our maiden voyage we discovered a leak in the tank. Well what can i do? It’s been several years sense I had it painted. Well a friend told me of your product. I purchased it and after following the directions to the “t” I can’t be any happier. I would and do recommend this product to anybody that has a leak!”

“Your truly a very happy gonzo!”

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Tip of the Month – Tank Sealer


Over the years, one of the BEST TIPS that we can give to people who are sealing a tank is to BE PATIENT. Proper prep and sealing IS NOT a lunch hour project. The KBS 3 Step System works perfectly if the Instructions are followed which includes:

  • Be Patient and allow the AquaKlean the time to thoroughly dissolve all the oily fuel residues before rinsing.
  • Be Patient and allow the RustBlast to soak and disintegrate the rust in your tank before rinsing.
  • Be Patient while waiting for the tank interior to dry completely as the tank can NEVER be too dry!
  • Be Patient and allow the tank to cool to room temperature before applying the sealer.
  • Be Patient when sloshing the sealer around to insure complete coverage.
  • Be Patient when draining any & all excess sealer from the tank.
  • Be Patient while waiting for the sealer to cure.

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Feedback on Gas Tank Sealer

“I own an independent Harley Davidson motorcycle repair shop. I have used KBS coatings for a long time and have found your products to be way above the rest.

At the present time I am working on a 1953 Indian Chief restoration. Someone previously used and inferior product to seal the tank. Needless to say it is peeling off inside. I have full confidence the KBS stripper will remove all the old sealer, so I can properly re-seal this tank with the 3 step process. Thus allowing this old Indian Chief to roar to life once again.

I wouldn’t trust anything else but KBS for this valuable antique.”

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