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Tip of the Month – Tank Sealer


Over the years, one of the BEST TIPS that we can give to people who are sealing a tank is to BE PATIENT. Proper prep and sealing IS NOT a lunch hour project. The KBS 3 Step System works perfectly if the Instructions are followed which includes:

  • Be Patient and allow the AquaKlean the time to thoroughly dissolve all the oily fuel residues before rinsing.
  • Be Patient and allow the RustBlast to soak and disintegrate the rust in your tank before rinsing.
  • Be Patient while waiting for the tank interior to dry completely as the tank can NEVER be too dry!
  • Be Patient and allow the tank to cool to room temperature before applying the sealer.
  • Be Patient when sloshing the sealer around to insure complete coverage.
  • Be Patient when draining any & all excess sealer from the tank.
  • Be Patient while waiting for the sealer to cure.

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Feedback on Gas Tank Sealer

“I own an independent Harley Davidson motorcycle repair shop. I have used KBS coatings for a long time and have found your products to be way above the rest.

At the present time I am working on a 1953 Indian Chief restoration. Someone previously used and inferior product to seal the tank. Needless to say it is peeling off inside. I have full confidence the KBS stripper will remove all the old sealer, so I can properly re-seal this tank with the 3 step process. Thus allowing this old Indian Chief to roar to life once again.

I wouldn’t trust anything else but KBS for this valuable antique.”

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INTERNATROLET on V8S10.org says..

“Just thought I’d share. I can’t say enough good things about this stuff. If you need to paint a rusty frame or underbody or tank, this is what you want. I have used it several times with ZERO failures.

I have tried that Other Stuff and it’s good but not like this. The Other Stuff has a good high temp engine paint but for rust converter, KBS!”

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Ray W. says about RustSeal (Paint Over Rust)..

others - Stop Rust
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others - Stop Rust
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others - Stop Rust
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"Yes I did have the chance to use your rust seal! And I have to admit it is a bit better than the other two leading sellers. It was a hot day and humid too, since I’m in texas, and it went on nice but didn’t tack up for over an hour. But within two hours it was a really nice finish and really secured the little rust area’s very nicely!

I will be ordering another gallon within the next month or so when I go to finish the floors on my camaro. I have attached a photo or two for you.

Great product! Best yet!"

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mojeepers Talks About Tank Sealer on Small Engine Technical Forum

“Hi guy’s, The best stuff i have used is kbs coatings , I have restored several cars and old hot rods with there products. the aqua clean also works on stuborn tecumseh carbs with the stuck needle. takes about 10 min. of soak time.”

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JavaTree on Jeepforum.com talks about Frame Paint..

others - Stop Rust - Paint For Rust
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others - Stop Rust - Paint Over Rust
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"I wire wheeled the entire tub, used the three stage Chassis kit Chassis Paint Kit – KBS All-In-One Chassis Kit – KBS Coatings – prewash, metal prep, then applied paint with a brush/roller,..

I painted the chassis, tub (inside & out), fenders, hood, bumpers and windshield frame..

The main thing with this type of paint is to do ALL of the prep work, however painstaking it may be, and READ the instructions twice before starting. (That advice is for any of the rust preventive sealer paints.)"

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