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Rust Prevention On Tiger Cages

“Attached are some pics of our tiger enclosure we started to paint.These are the  enclosures the cats sleeps in overnight when the temp drops down to zero degrees. The paint works really well and seems to do a good job with keeping the urine off and preventing the rust that the urine causes.”
-Scott G @ Great Bend Zoo

RustSeal - Rust Prevention - Tiger Cages

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Apply RustSeal In Thin Coats | Tip Of The Month



Remember that RustSeal should be applied in THIN coats. Applying too heavily, will cause running and/or sagging on vertical surfaces, and possible bubbling on horizontal surfaces. As RustSeal cures, it releases a small amount of carbon dioxide. If allowed to “puddle”, the top of the RustSeal directly exposed to the ambient humidity in the air (the actual catalyst for RustSeal) will begin to "skin" over. This "skinning over" is much like that of chocolate pudding and blocks the release of the afore mentioned carbon dioxide causing bubbles. By applying thin coats, this film cures through and through all at once.


RustSeal Fix-It Guide: This guide helps you quickly identify the causes of and the recommended solutions for the most common issues that could occur for RustSeal.

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RustSeal Featured in Street Rodder Magazine

“We used a product called RustSeal from KBS Coatings because we’ve found it to be perfect for painting the chassis of cars that are driven since it requires a minimum of preparation and it’s tough as nails so it resists chipping. For those without the ability to spray paint, most KBS products can be brushed and flow out without any brush marks.”

See what else the May 2011 Street Rodder Magazine had to say about KBS Coatings.

KBS Coatings - Street Rodder Magazine - May 2011


KBS Coatings - Camaro Performers
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KBS Coatings - Camaro Performers

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KBS Coatings - Camaro Performers

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KBS Coatings - Camaro Performers

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