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86 GMC Sierra Frame – Before and After

“I wanted to thank you for such a great product. I’m restoring my 1986 GMC Sierra Classic & wanted to freshen up the old rusty frame. I purchased the Large Frame Kit & was extremely impressed by how easily it was to use and how well it worked on even the rustiest of surfaces. The finished product was awesome! Thanks again!” -VS

Large Frame Coater Kit

Bare Frame Restoration

Grab the Frame Coater Kit or Large Frame Coater Kit today!

BlackTop Chassis Paint

BlackTop is a permanent, moisture-cured, UV stable coating primarily used for topcoating surfaces previously sealed with RustSeal or any other paint/primer application. BlackTop is a high performance protective coating specifically formulated to withstand dulling and fading caused by prolonged sunlight exposure.

RustSeal Used To Restore Frame

Frame Coater Kit: https://www.kbs-coatings.com/frame-coater-kit.html

The KBS Frame Coater Kit contains everything you need to clean, prep, & apply two coats of RustSeal on up to a 50 square foot area.

KBS Coatings’ 3-STEP SYSTEM of RustSeal (a rust preventive coatings), KBS Klean (an industrial strength water-based cleaner / degreaser) and KBS RustBlast (a powerful rust remover / metal etch) is the most effective rust and corrosion prevention system available today.

RustSeal chemically bonds to bare metal to form a permanent, moisture resistant finish that is flexible yet won’t crack, chip, or peel. Because RustSeal is moisture-cured, this superior coating is made even stronger by continued exposure to moisture.

RustSeal is also highly resistant to some of the most aggressive chemicals such as acids, alkalis, salts, abrasive materials, fertilizers, coal dusts, solvents, oils, and other refined petroleum products.

1956 Chevy – Frame Restoration

“This frame from my 1956 Chevy was extremely rusted and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out however, as you see it’s remarkable! I will use KBS products on all my restoration projects.” -Jeff M


Painted Control Arms, Springs, And Entire Frame

“Painted control arms, springs, and entire frame, I didn’t even scratch the paint off installing the coil springs which never happens.” -The Goat, Phillipsburg,KS

The All-In-One Chassis Kit

The KBS Chassis Coater Kit

RustSeal Featured in Street Rodder Magazine

“We used a product called RustSeal from KBS Coatings because we’ve found it to be perfect for painting the chassis of cars that are driven since it requires a minimum of preparation and it’s tough as nails so it resists chipping. For those without the ability to spray paint, most KBS products can be brushed and flow out without any brush marks.”

See what else the May 2011 Street Rodder Magazine had to say about KBS Coatings.

KBS Coatings - Street Rodder Magazine - May 2011


KBS Coatings - Camaro Performers
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KBS Coatings - Camaro Performers

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KBS Coatings - Camaro Performers

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KBS Coatings - Camaro Performers

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Mike Talks about KBS Frame Coater Kit

others - Stop Rust

others - Stop Rust

others - Stop Rust

"Frame Coater Kit was just the right amount for two coats top and bottom of tub on a 1965 Toyota Land Cruiser restoration. Great product; easy to use and self leveling characteristic makes it look like I knew what I was doing!"- Mike J.

You can read see more Customer Photos HERE.

Find the Frame Coater Kit – Chassis Paint Kit HERE.