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Gas Tank Sealer Kits

Gas Tank Sealer Kits

Used by professionals worldwide, Gold Standard Fuel Tank Sealer is a superior, one part, ready-to-use fuel tank sealer that is specifically formulated to stop rust and corrosion. When used in combination with AquaKlean and RustBlast, it will form a super-tough, fuel and alcohol impervious coating, while simultaneously sealing small pinholes and weld seams. It’s been rated as the industry’s NEW Gold Standard in gas tank sealers.

Gold Standard Tank Sealer may be used on steel, aluminum, and fiberglass tanks.

Applications: Gas Tanks, Diesel Tanks, Oil Tanks, Utility Tanks, Motorcycle Tanks, 4-Wheeler Tanks, Tractor Tanks, Generator Tanks and many others…

Available in Convenient Kits for most sizes of tanks!


RustSeal Featured in Street Rodder Magazine

“We used a product called RustSeal from KBS Coatings because we’ve found it to be perfect for painting the chassis of cars that are driven since it requires a minimum of preparation and it’s tough as nails so it resists chipping. For those without the ability to spray paint, most KBS products can be brushed and flow out without any brush marks.”

See what else the May 2011 Street Rodder Magazine had to say about KBS Coatings.

KBS Coatings - Street Rodder Magazine - May 2011


KBS Coatings - Camaro Performers
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KBS Coatings - Camaro Performers

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KBS Coatings - Camaro Performers

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KBS Coatings - Camaro Performers

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