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Toyota chooses NuMetal Epoxy Putty

Toyota has chosen KBS NuMetal Epoxy Putty as an essential part of fixing their Accelerator Pedal Recall.

NuMetal Epoxy Putty is an easy-to-use, two-part putty that mixes like clay but hardens like steel! NuMetal bonds, seals, fills, insulates, anchors, caulks and waterproofs. It cures without shrinking or sagging and can be drilled, tapped, sanded, primed and painted. NuMetal will not only stick to damp surfaces, but it will cure underwater!

Our Black NuMetal is ideal for automotive applications … if the surface coating sustains damage, the black epoxy putty beneath remains unseen! Use White NuMetal for marine applications and boat repairs. Satisfaction guaranteed

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